Ecom s.r.o.


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ACP- trimming and control potentiometers
ADH TECHNOLOGY- GPS, fingerprint reader, wireless platform, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, 4G, 3.5 G, RF connectors, sensors, lasers
AEPS-GROUP- planar power supplies for harsh environment
ATMEL- assortment of Atmel
CNR- varistors,the device of the impactor stream
CONNFLY- connectors, cables
COSMO- photo coupler, Solis State Relay, Reed Relay
DC COMPONENTS- discreet components
DEGSON- terminal blocks, boxes, industrial cables, modules with relay, relay, industrial connectors
ELF Logistic s.r.o.- chemical preparations with a content of nanoparticles
EZENTEK- passive components
FARATRONIC- film capacitors for PCB
FORYARD- LED, SMD LED, LED displays, LED tape
GEYER- crystal resonators, oscilators
HAMMOND- aluminum boxes for electronics, plastic boxes
HIGHLY ELECTRONIC- microswitches, inductive sensors
HOLLYLAND- fuses melting, thermal, reversible
HONGFA- relays, switchgears
HSUAN MAO- connectors, professional cable
IQRF- wireless platform IQRF
ISKRA- film capacitors for PCB
JESIVA- transformers to the PCB,toroidal transformers
JL WORLD- acoustic innovations
K.S.TERMINALS INC.- terminals for cables
KANG YANG- plastic parts for the electronics, metal eyelets and pins
KEKO VARICON- varistors, safety ceramic capacitors
KERAFOL- thermal conductive foil
KINGTRONICS- Trimming Potentiometers, Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors
KLUS DESIGN- accessories for LED strips
KONTAKT CHEMIE- chemistry for electrical engineering
LITE-ON- discreet components
LS MTRON LTD.- UC cells, modular UC
MICROCHIP- assortment of Microchip
MORNSUN- AC / DC and DC / DC converters
NIPPON CHEMI-CON- electrolytic capacitors
PDC- multilayer ceramic capacitors, resistors, inductors
POWERSEM- diode, thyristor, IGBT and MOSFET modules
RELPOL- relays and accessories
ROCKET POLAND- batteries, accumulators
SERVISOL- chemistry for electronics
SHORI- relay
SHOULDER- crystals, SAW, crystal oscillators
SUNNY- power supplies
SWITRONIC- switches
TAIYO YUDEN- inductors, multilayer ceramic capacitors
VISHAY- assortment of Vishay
WALSIN ELECTRONIC CORPORATION- SMD resistors, resistor networks, ceramic capacitors
WAVE SHARE- Arduino,Raspberry
WIMA- foil capacitors
WINSTAR- LCD displays and modules
WOER- heat shrinkable tubing
YAGEO- multilayer ceramic capacitors, resistors, electrolytic capacitors, inductor
YANGHZOU YANGJIE- diodes, rectifier bridges
Zivic- varistors,gas discharge tubes
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